Slate Roof Repair

Walthamstow Roofing

Slate Roofing And Roof Lead Work

At Walthamstow Roofing, we provide quick, quality, and cost-effective roofing solutions for clients\’ buildings in Walthamstow, East London and surrounding cities.  Our workmanship is of top standard, and we strive to satisfy the varied roofing needs of our growing client base.

We use a wide range of slates to provide best roofing solutions for our clients.  Our slates are both natural and man-made, and each has its own advantage. We engage our customers, and make sure that the chosen slates are tailored to all the projects we handle for them.

Artificial synthetic fibre slates look charming like the natural slates.  People tend to go for the artificial synthetic slates more than the natural slates because of its relative low price.  A natural slate room costs more than the artificial one, and it is lightweight, durable and effective too.  We provide slates that have consistent appearance, with durable and excellent value that money can buy.  We offer expert installation services of these slates, and we provide perfect solutions for clients who contact us for quality commercial roofing services.

We can use natural slates to build a very high quality roof.  Spanish slate that is found in many regions in Spain is excellent and always considered as a quality roofing material. This slate has become so popular that it currently makes up to 90% of all European roofing slate. Spanish slate is a perfect roofing material.  It is durable, reasonably affordable, and beautiful to look at.  We always make sure that we provide our customers with the best roofing materials.

Welsh slate is naturally dense, hard, and pure.  It has an impenetrable structure that makes it durable, and its impenetrable outlook has made it amazing in any roof we build.  At Walthamstow Roofing, we offer our clients three main styles of Welsh slates.

Welsh slates have un-rivalled weather resistant ability but its cost is more than both fibre cement slates and Spanish slates. So, the Welsh slate is a marvellous roofing choice because of its excellent qualities.  We have close relationship with our clients, and advise them on the right slates for their building, in line with their budget.

Also, in the area of tiling roofs with slates, our expertise, as a company, is in lead work.  We deal extensively in all areas of lead work, including flashing to lead roofing.  We ensure that our clients do not suffer unwanted roof expenses in the nearest future.

Our Slate Roof Services include:-
  • Slate Roof Inspection
  • Choice of Natural Slate or Artificial Slate
  • Top Quality, Cost Effective Slate Roofing Work
  • All Work Guaranteed