What the members of hit 90s Boy Band East 17 Are Up To Now 

The group formed 28 years ago. Feel old yet?Christmas is on the horizon and soon enough radio stations will be blaring out East 17’s festive classic hit Stay Another Day.

But whatever happened to the boy band?Well, East 17 were one of the most successful groups of the 90s and consisted of members John Hendy, Terry Coldwell, Tony Mortimer and Brian Harvey.

Originating from Walthamstow in East London , hence the band’s name, they rose to fame in 1991 and continued to have great success selling over 20 million records.But in 1997 a scandal saw frontman Harvey sacked from the group and Mortimer leaving shortly afterwards.

With a back catalogue of hits including Thunder, Around The World, Deep and House Of Love, let’s be honest East 17 were pretty much the best thing to happen in the world of 1990s boy bands.

They’ve unsuccessfully reunited over the years, but what are the members of East 17 up to now?

Terry Coldwell is still involved in the music business as a singer/songwriter and DJ.

He has continued to wave the East 17 flag as he still performs under the same name.

However, he’s the only original member of the group which now features Robbie Craig and Terry John.

John Hendy

John Hendy remained a member of East 17 until 2018 when he permanently departed from the group.He appears to have turned his back on the music business and now is a successful roofer.

His Twitter reads: “Official John Hendy page, Original East 17 member. Also a bad boy roofer. Contact me for any roofing work, engaged to my amazing baby Nina.”

Good luck to him.

Tony Mortimer

Tony Mortimer wrote a lot of East 17’s hits and would also sing or rap verses alongside lead singer Harvey. The 49 year old has continued to produce records and can occasionally be seen on TV.Back in 2013 he sang alongside Julian Lennon on a track called Rain In England.

Brian Harvey

Brian Harvey is undoubtedly a very talented musician and was a very integral part to East 17’s success.But in 1997 a drug-related controversy led to Harvey’s shock departure from East 17 and Mortimer left the group soon after.

Determined to make the group a success Harvey re-launched the band under the name E17 in 1998 without Mortimer.

They reached number 2 in the UK with song Each Time but were dropped in 1999 by their record label after failing to dominate the charts.

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